Collaboration with Fassi

We are gentlemen who serve gentlemen!

Established in 2007 , as a company in the field of hydraulic systems, AutoSI continues to grow by leading the Albanian market. We are now introducing exclusively in Albania the representation of world giant Fassi Gru.

Our training and experience in European Union countries, trading of the most prestigious brands such as Fassi and Faber-Com, our quality, guarantee and seriousness, make us remain the most prestigious company in the domestic market and strong competitors in the Balkans market.

Our goal is to remain one of the leading hydraulic systems providers in Albania and the Balkans, and become a trusted partner for our customers, providing superior quality service that exceeds their expectations. We at AutoSI are determined to lead the market in the field of hydraulic systems and remain positioned at the top of the market where we operate.

Our priority has been and continues to be the attention to customer demand. We are determined that every customer who comes to us should receive an added value for every service or product they require. We are committed to constantly improving our knowledge and services to go beyond customer requirements.

Our mission is to operate in the domestic and foreign markets by meeting any standards as per the requirements of the European community.

Our core values are the ability to understand client and market, quality, correctness, communication and reliability.

Collaboration with Fassi

Cooperation with Fassi has started since 2001, as part of the Fassi Gru team at their subsidiary in Greece. The desire to bring something new and qualitative in the Albanian market as well as the unremitting market need for quality hydraulic products, prompted us more to bring this brand to Albania.

The agreement was reached in April 2018 after long talks with their leaders and we are now proud of our important achievements as a Fassi is not just a crane but a persistent perennial scientific achievement.

Fassi cranes are the best cranes that Italian engineers have managed to produce. The safety, quality and durability of these bearings have made them the most wanted around the globe.

We trade a wide range of Fassi bearings, ranging from small “Fassi Micro” cranes to high tons.

Interested clients can visit us at our show shop where they can get more complete information about the buying conditions and get valuable tips and suggestions for what suits them best.

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